Health Informatics + Nanotechnology= I’ll Give You A HINT (Health Informatics Nanotechnology)

Published by Valencia Payne MS Health Informatics/HA, BSN RN, BS Biology, Certified Cerner Integration Architect

Valencia Annik Payne MS Health Informatics/Healthcare Administration BSN RN, BS Biology, Certified Cerner Integration Architect, Cert Cyber Security, Cert Healthcare Data Analytics This company was founded in 2014. I am a Navy Veteran Registered Nurse with eleven years of professional clinical workflow testing/analysis, build and testing plans for Cerner (Wound Care Center) and EPIC OpTime. Lead for clinical content analysis and training for nurses and healthcare providers. Reviewed clinical content and improvement process development. Experience implementing an EHR system in healthcare organizations including physician practices. Author of GI for Nursing Students, Fluid and Electrolytes for Nursing Students, Dimensional Analysis for Nursing Students, Respiratory and Fractures for Nursing Students, and Diabetes for Nursing Students. I am also an Apple and Google App Developer (rn4students App). Accomplishments rn4students Nanotechnology (DiaGen-NanoBot) is featured in Israel The Marker’s Annual High-Tech Book 2018 and Life in the Delta Magazine. In 2018, rn4students Education With A Twist Nursing Scholarship for Delta State University School of Nursing was established. Winner of the 2017 Outstanding Nursing Alumnus from Delta State University School of Nursing. In 2016, Featured in Jackson State University The Jacksonian Magazine.

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