By the age 35, nurses should be making a move from the bedside and into alternative roles in the nursing profession. It is usually in your mid 30s that your body can no longer handle the physically demand of bedside nursing. The patient population has become medically debilitating and heavier (obese). Let’s take a look at the administrative world of nursing. Nurses should look at roles such as Case Management, Utilization Review, CDI, Informatics, Data Analytics, Health Information Management. These fields are in constant demand and require the experience nursing skilled set to push it forward. Now you say, “Oh I would go but I do not have the money” Guess what all schools have money and it would behoove you to use Google to shop around for schools that offer the most cost efficient tuition and payment plans. Remember there is no such thing as Shattered Dreams, only in your mind if you don’t act them!

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