Nursing is Not Going Under, It’s Time to Upgrade!




So we are constantly hearing that there is a severe nursing shortage. That are nurses are overworked and underpaid. Well guess what? THAT IS SO TRUE!! However, there is an easy fix to this. First we have to understand that the healthcare has been handed over to the insurance companies. In other words, the insurance companies and MBAs are dictating healthcare. Healthcare has to be handed back to Physicians, NPs, and PAs.

Second, the training tree has to put back in place in all profession but especially healthcare and definitely nursing. While working in the nursing field, I was trained by the season nurses, then they retired and it was my turn to train the next cure of novice nurses. Fast forward to the present, we no longer have this in place and you now have travel nurses training newly staff nurses or a novice nurse training another novice nurse. 

Third, technology (EHRs) are on the scene and they are not going away. So that means that means nurses have to become extremely tech savvy in order to keep up with the demand. That means actually learning your EHR system so that you can chart smartly without double charting. 

Fourth, nursing has gone beyond patient and nurse to now we have team collaborations or team build. Which means nurses have to use that critical mindset and collaborate with a team of physicians and NPs and not just take care of the patient’s disease process but incorporating  a holistic, spiritual, and psychological approach in order to center the patient’s well being. 

Fifth, I believe that many nurses are looking to enhance their careers but don’t know which avenue or what options are there and how to pay for theses options. rn4students will set the stage on upgrading the nursing profession and bring the training and tech flow back to the healthcare setting. 

Valencia Annik Payne

MS Health Informatics/HA, Cert. in Cyber Security, BSN RN, BS Biology 


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