Dissociative Amnesia commonly known as Psychogenic amnesia is from the group dissociative which are disorders that damages one’s normal state of consciousness due to a stressful event. Dissociative Amnesia differs from other disorders because it is not mainly the loss the personal information caused by an injury to the brain, but rather is when the person blocks out information that is associated with a stressful or traumatic event. This leaves them with the incapability to remember the events from days to years. The memory of the traumatic event still exists in the brain but is deeply buried; and eventually the memory will reappear on its own or can be triggered by a similar event. 

Those who are diagnosed with Dissociative amnesia have claimed to experience memory gaps, autobiographical memory loss, and the inability to recall personal information about them. Dissociative amnesia is a deficit in memory that is caused by a psychological stressors rather than by structural brain damage. The cause of Dissociative amnesia is said to be the victim either survived or witnessed a traumatic event. Evan experienced memory gaps due to the high levels of stress that he has experienced as a child and young adult. He used this as a coping mechanism where he dissociated himself from certain situations or experiences that were too traumatic to incorporate with his conscious self.

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