The first step to avoid being a dumb-ass, is stop and think things through slowly and patiently before doing anything that can cause harm to you or someone else. For example, I know that sometimes we as Americans tend to think that the world evolves around us and that we are sometimes oblivious to the obvious, but do not and I repeat do not find yourself hiking in one hostile country, only to end up in prison in another hostile country whose sole purpose is to put you in jail on trumped-up charges, convicts you without a jury, sentencing you to many years and then thinks they got one over on the Americans because we refuse to negotiate with terrorists. The option here is simple; do not end up someplace where you are not wanted. Don’t protest in countries where the people are fighting their governments. It is not your cause and please, do not appear shocked if you get caught. It was bound to happen especially if you were stupid enough to be there in the first place.

Second step, of avoiding a case of dumb-ass syndrome, humans are hedonists and to those of you, who do not know what that means, it is definitely time for you to go back to school, to the beginning if necessary. Hedonists tend to do what makes them feel good over the needs of the common good, which I do not mock because I do it myself. However, I must remind you that there are no limits to stupidity. For example, women, do not marry for money; no matter how much it is. Shocking as it may seem, some guys are actually about the commitment, the love of a woman. There are some really good women out there who can’t find a good guy because some guys are too busy looking for the easy goose that lays the golden eggs, only to find out later that the eggs…are not so golden.

Third step, common sense is not a lost cause. It can get you through some of the toughest times, but if you at some point lose that common sense and believe everything that you see or read, then I’m wrong. Common sense is a lost cause for some. For example, in politics, stretching the truth, even a little bit will undoubtedly grab some poor saps whose only education comes from comic strips written on toilet paper. The dumb-ass syndrome is an avoidable disease and we just have to ask ourselves, is that how we want to continue to live our lives?

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