1. China

 Dog meat has long history in Chinese cuisine and the practice of cooking with it continues today in many regions. While the country has at time curtailed its sale (the government banned the sale of dog meat at local restaurants during the Beijing Olympics), it’s still common to see dog hanging in the country’s many wet markets.

2. Nigeria

Dog meat is a common dish in this West African nation. Some believe that eating dog helps build immunity to disease. People have reportedly been gorging on suya, grilled meat often made from dog, to protect against the Ebola outbreak, despite health official warnings. It’s also believed that eating dog may also improve one’s sex life.

3. Arctic and Antarctic

While dogs are usually used for sledding through the icy tundra, when the meat supply is running low those that live in the Arctic, Greenland and other cold-climate countries will turn to dog meat as a source of protein.

4. Vietnam

Dog eating a common practice in many Vietnamese homes and restaurants. “Dog is the go-to dish in Vietnam for drinking parties, family reunions and special occasions,”. Unfortunately, demand for the meat has gotten so high that an underground smuggling operation out of Thailand has been snatching pets and street dogs to sell on the lucrative meat market. 

5. Switzerland

While many people often associate eating dogs with Asian or African cuisine, the practice is still common among farmers in Appenzell and St. Gallen districts of the country. The practice is legal as long as the animal is killed humanely and the meat is not sold for commercial purposes.

6. Indonesia

While dog is considered taboo to eat (along with pigs) in this predominantly Muslim country, the meat is consumed at special occasions such as weddings or holidays.

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