The average American diet includes 8 oz. of meat each day, twice the world’s average, according to “The New York Times.” If you have concerns about heart disease, the number one health problem in the U.S., restricting your consumption of meat is important. Each time you make a choice between chicken or beef, ensuring you choose the right one may make an impact over time. Several nutrients in both meat types identify the healthiest one for heart health.

Fat and Cholesterol

Perhaps the most well-known nutritional qualities linked to cardiovascular health are saturated fat and cholesterol. The reason is that cholesterol and saturated fat clog arteries, which causes high blood pressure and cardiac arrest. A 3-oz. serving of beef provides 76 mg of cholesterol and 2.9 g of saturated fat. A 3-oz. serving of chicken provides 73 mg of cholesterol and 0.9 mg of saturated fat. Chicken provides a lower level of artery-clogging nutritional factors.

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